Special Event – Salon/Sanctuary Concert

Exodus: Dreams of the Promised Land in Antebellum America Returns to Fraunces Tavern

On Saturday, April 5th Salon/Sanctuary Concerts is returning to Fraunces Tavern Museum to once again perform Exodus: Dreams of the Promised Land in Antebellum America. Due to last year’s sold-out crowd, there will be a 3pm matinee and 6pm evening performance. Presenting a unique interdisciplinary program, the concert will feature the esteemed Western Wind vocal ensemble and guest actors voicing the words of abolitionists such as Fredrick Douglas and Angelina Grimké.

Ringing true to the vision of independence from the Founding Fathers, the enduring power of liberation imagery in early American consciousness will be brought to life through the works of William Billings, Stephen Jenks, early spirituals, and rousing Shaker hymns. Last year’s the ensemble filled the room with beautiful sound and the stirring words of “Peace for us! Peace for everyone! Next year, may all be free!” The audience left inspired with a new appreciation for America’s historic journey that has been filled with both prosperity & adversity.

Tickets can be purchased online here; $35/$25 for students, seniors, and Museum members.


Full Ensemble

Full Ensemble (from left to right): Elliot Levine, Michele Kennedy, David Vanderwal, Linda Lee Jones, Todd Frizzell, Jennifer Rau, Robert McKay, Rosalyn Coleman Williams and William Zukof

western wind ensemble

Western Wind Ensemble (from left to right): Todd Frizzell, David Vanderwal, Elliot Levine, William Zukof, Linda Lee Jones, Michele Kennedy

Photos by Salon/Sanctuary Concerts

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