Community, Resilience, Duty

Fraunces Tavern® has made many new friends in the last twelve months; there is Adria Marquez, Public Assistance Project Specialist at FEMA, the crew at MAKO Plumbing and all the thoughtful supports who donated recovery funds after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City last October.


Sandy’s flood waters filled the complex’s five basements and came up three feet into the first floor. The complete destruction of the utility systems and restaurant stock was daunting, but the staff was not dispirited. Before there was time to wallow, the basements were pumped out, stock re-ordered, and major utilities systems repaired. The OPEN sign was hung out one month after the Sandy disaster.


The Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York (the Museum’s parent organization and Restaurant’s landlord) was able to raise over $108,215 for recovery efforts. These funds came from private supporters, FEMA, and NYC organization like the Downtown Alliance.

As the one year anniversary passes, Fraunces Tavern Museum & Restaurant can reflect on its post-Sandy success. While the elevator and electrical systems are still under repair, the end is in sight. Serving more Museum visitors and pints in 2013, Sandy did not stop this 137 year old institution from carrying out the mission to educate the public about the Revolutionary War.