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Defining Lines: Maps From the 1700s and Early 1800s

Mar 14 2014

Defining Lines Banner

Now Open!

Fraunces Tavern Museum announces its newest exhibition, Defining Lines: Maps From the 1700s and Early 1800s.

Come explore the landscapes of America’s early history, as seen in maps of the 1700s and early 1800s. This exhibit examines the detailed depictions of an emerging nation as portrayed by cartographers. The 27 exhibited maps provide a wider perspective to the evolving nation’s place in history, including a never before seen map from 1804 depicting the United States’ postal routes.

This exhibit is made possible, in part, through the generous support of Dr. Michael C. Wolf, Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York, Inc.

Defining Lines Press Release

Voices of Justice and Consanguinity

Jul 9 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Presented as part of undergroundzero festival, Concrete Timbre recreates the Declaration along with other original compositions reviving revolutionary ideas with contemporary relevance through music, text, and visuals in the multidisciplinary exploration of freedom, independence, free-thinking, and relationships with genres ranging from jazz to poetry to electro-acoustic to classical.

Limited reserved seating available. Reserve here.

Featuring artists:
Ivy Adrian, Telma Bernardo, Nathalie Bryant, Gina Cuffari
Emma DeGrand, Lauri Galbreath, David A. Green
Nancy Greening, Christopher Hall, Comfort Katchy
Eric Kramer, Margaret Lancaster, Manuela Lechler
Tracey Conyer Lee, Aleksandra Miglowiec, Patrice Miller
Robert Morton, Kyoko Oyobe, Christopher Poeschl
Libya Pugh, 
Lillian Redl, Darrell Smith, Ann Warren

Program (as of June 20, 2014)

Declaration of Independence
Music by Christopher Hall
Text by Thomas Jefferson
A free improv music exploration underscoring the text.
Music Performers: Christopher Hall, Darrell Smith
Performers: Telma Bernardo, Nathalie Bryant, David Green, Christopher Posechl

Mavericks in Sheol
(for Solo Flute and Actor)
Music by Ann Warren
Text by Nancy Greening
Illustration by Robert Keppler
Projects by Robert Morton
Performers: Margaret Lancaster, David A. Green

The Drum
Music by Lillian Redl
Poem by John Scott Amwell

I Hear an Army
Music by Lillian Redl
Poem by James Joyce

The Dark Hills
Music by Lillian Redl
Poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Performers: Gina Cuffari, Lauri Galbreath, Eric Kramer, Darrell Smith

Music by Ivy Adrian
Text by Gwendolyn Brooks
Performed by consent of Brooks Permissions
Concept by Emma DeGrand
Choreographed by Patrice Miller
Performers: Comfort Katchy, Tracey Conyer Lee, Libya Pugh

Cabbage Moon
Music by Manuela Lechler
Text by Jan Wahl
Illustrations by Adrienne Adams
Projects by Robert Morton
Choreographed by Patrice Miller
Performers: Kyoko Oyobe, Manuela Lechler, Christopher Poeschl

Music by Manuela Lechler
Performed by Kyoko Oyobe, Manuela Lechler

Revolutionary War New York Nighttime Walking Tour

Jul 4 2014

July 4, 2014
3am – 7am

Yes, you read it correctly. 3 in the morning!

Welcome the sunrise on this walking tour! On this early-morning walking tour through Lower Manhattan with James S. Kaplan, you will discover how pivotal New York City was during the war for Independence and learn little known facts about Revolutionary War heroes like Marinus Willet.

This annual tradition sells out every year, so make sure you get your ticket early!

*Advanced ticketing required. Once you receive your confirmation email, you will be provided with the starting location of the walking tour.


Fourth of July Open House!

Jul 2 2014