Fraunces Tavern Facade Restoration Project

Since 1904, the SRNY has been the steward of Fraunces Tavern. Preserving the five building complex that makes up Fraunces Tavern is a privilege and a challenge. The regular maintenance and improvements of these buildings are essential and ongoing for the life of these buildings.

Over 25,000 people visit Fraunces Tavern each year. It houses the Museum, over 5,000 historic artifacts, museum offices, a Revolutionary War replica flag collection, and more. The upkeep of these buildings are essential to fulfilling the mission of educating the public about the Early Republic, Revolutionary War, and Colonial Era.

One of the most pressing concerns are the deteriorating states of three of the five facades. They are currently undergoing major restorations! The entire project will cost $325,000.

Help restore the facades of Fraunces Tavern by contributing and the SRNY will match it 100%! All contributions are 100% tax deductible.Click here to learn more!


Fraunces Tavern Museum relies on members to assist the growth and activity of the Museum. With five different membership levels, it is easy to choose the support level that is right for you. Each level comes with different membership benefits and perks!

Fraunces Tavern Museum has been serving New York City and the international tourist community for over 100 years. By investing in this unique Museum, you help steward the history of Colonial American, the Revolutionary War and the Early Republic for another 100 years!

Make a revolutionary difference and become a Fraunces Tavern Museum member today!

Membership Levels:


Patriot Membership ($50)

    • Free, unlimited admission for one to Museum
    • Free admission with priority seating to lectures*
    • Discounted admission to Museum events (walking tours, dinners, George Washington Ball, etc)
    • Receive invitations to view new exhibitions before the public
    • Subscription to the monthly e-newsletter, Museum Messenger, and events calendar
    • 10% discount Museum gift items and books
    • 10% discount at Fraunces Tavern Restaurant when you show your membership card
    • Free admission to New York City Police Museum with your Fraunces Tavern Museum Membership Card

 Student/Senior Membership ($40)

    • Receive all benefits from Patriot Membership

Fraunces Family Membership ($80)

    • Free, unlimited Museum admission for two adults & children (18 or younger) residing at the same address
    • Free admission with priority seating to lectures for two* 
    • Receive all benefits from Patriot Membership

Spymaster Circle ($150)

    • Receive all benefits from Fraunces Family Membership
    • 15% discount on Museum gift items and books
    • 15% discount at Fraunces Tavern Restaurant when you show your membership card
    • 25% discount on Museum space rentals

George Washington Fellow ($500)

    • Receive all benefits from Spymaster Circle Membership
    • Be honored at George Washington Ball Annual Museum Fundraiser

Benefits at Patriot, Family, Student/Senior, and Spymaster.  George Washington Fellow levels are valued at $70. The remaining gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

More Ways to Support

Artifact Donation


Diary of Mathew Gregory, events during the siege of Yorktown, Virginia, September 30-October 30, 1781, Collection of Fraunces Tavern Museum

Fraunces Tavern Museum collects a wide range of artifacts to document the history of New York City and the building at 54 Pearl Street during the periods of Colonial American, the Revolutionary War and Early Republic. Developing a deep and rich collection of historical artifacts and archives will allow the Museum to share the extraordinary history of Fraunces Tavern and early New York City with current and future visitors.

While some historic objects may be places on display in long-term or temporary exhibits, others may be used in the education collection to help teach the history of the building and the Revolutionary War to students. Other items, such as photographs or archival documents, will help to better understand the history of Fraunces Tavern via exhibition and research.

The Museum’s collection staff is always interested in expanding upon its artifact and archives collections with items that represent the periods of Fraunces Tavern’s history. Some of the types of materials being sought include:

Colonial America, Revolutionary War and Early Republic period (late 16th century – 1800)

  • Documents (letters, diaries, receipts and orderly books)
  • Tools and equipment (firearms, swords and body armor)
  • Furniture
  • Ceramics
  • Household accessories
  • Paintings & engraving (portraits of known subjects, folk and fine art works)
  • Floor coverings
  • Lighting devices

If you would like to learn more about object donation please contact the Curator at 212-425-1776 x230

Advanced Support

Since 1907, Fraunces Tavern Museum has relied on individual community member investments to support the mission to educate school children, visitors, and researchers about Colonial American, the Revolutionary War and the Early Republic. These major gifts, transformational gifts, and planned giving continue to provide the essential support to sustain and safeguard programming, exhibitions and the protection of the Museum’s diverse and unique collection.

There are many giving options that have proven both popular and effective. Whether you wish to give in memory, honor or tribute of a person and/or provide funding through the planned giving of assets, the Fraunces Tavern Museum staff and Board are available to speak with you about the many ways in which to help support the Museum’s mission.

Reaching over 25,000 visitors annually, your investment will have solid effect on the educational mission of the Museum.

To learn more, call the Development & Marketing Officer 212-425-1778 x225.


Corporate Funders


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Special Projects

John Ward Dunsmore Painting Conservation Project

John Ward Dunsmore (1856-1945) was a late nineteenth early twentieth century American painter. He is best known for his realistic and historically accurate illustrations of American Revolutionary War events and figures. These iconic paintings are widely sought for reproduction in grade school textbooks, government websites and have been used on a special coin produced by the US mint.

Since 1936, Fraunces Tavern Museum has owned the world’s largest collection of Dunsmore paintings. Over the past seventy five years, all forty two paintings have been exhibited at 54 Pearl Street and other locations, such as the Museum of the City of New York.

Some of the paintings have aged more gracefully than others. In the early 2000s, Museum staff noticed that many of the paintings were in need of conservation, due to scratches, holes, yellowing and the like. Conservation would prevent the irreversible deterioration of time and allow the paintings to continue to educate the public as narratives of the nation’s history. The John Ward Dunsmore Painting Conservation Project began.

Over the past nine years the Museum has been able to raise over $130,000 to conserve ALL thirty seven paintings selected for conservation!! Paintings are featured in the Museum’s John Ward Dunsmore Gallery exhibition “Keeping the Revolution Alive.”

Here is an example of the difference conservation makes:


“Going to the Hunt” Before Conservation


“Going to the Hunt” After Conservation
2013 Conservation made possible by generous donations from the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York Board Members

This monumental project started almost ten years ago and is near completion. With all the paintings funded and a complex catalogue of the project and artist underway, the Museum is raising $16,000 to create and host an exhibition featuring all the conserved works.

The Museum staff and Board are grateful to all those who have helped forward this ambitious conservation project!

To learn how you can help the John Ward Dunsmore Painting Conservation Project contact the Museum Director, Jessica Baldwin Phillips at 212-425-1778 x230.